Manufacturer Basic Information

Manufacturer Name Website Contact Information
Guangxi Wuzhou Pharmaceuticals(Group)Co.,Ltd.

Add:No.1 Industrial Street Industrial Park,Wuzhou,Guangxi,China
Tel: +86-774-3939035
Fax: +86-774-3939035

API list

Name License number
Ferrous Gluconate H10870005
Fluorescein Sodium H20066564
Cobratide H45021228
Dianhydrodulcitol H45021128

Finished Medicines list

Name License number Strength
Metamizole Sodium Tablets H45020075 0.25g
Metamizole Sodium Tablets H45020074 0.5g
Benzyl Alcohol Injection H45020588 10ml:0.2g
Benzyl Alcohol Injection H45020586 2ml:40mg
Benzyl Alcohol Injection H45020587 5ml:0.1g
Bumetanide Injection H45020076 2ml:0.5mg
Paracetamol Injection H45021479 1ml:75mg
Yeast Tablets H45020215 0.2g(calculated on dry yeast)
Yeast Tablets H45020211 0.5g(calculated on dry yeast)
Cinnarizine Tablets H45020078 25mg
Inosine Tablets H45020160 0.2g
Inosine Injection H45020161 2ml:50mg
Inosine Injection H45020195 5ml:0.1g
Inosine Injection H45020196 5ml:0.2g
Oral Four Vitamins and Glucose H45021126 ----
Oral Five Vitamins and Glucose H45020988 ----
Lysine Hydrochloride and Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Tablets H45021127 ----
Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Chewable Tablets H45021500 0.15g
Gentamycin Sulfate Injection H45020197 1ml:20000IU