Manufacturer Basic Information

Manufacturer Name Website Contact Information
Jiangxi Xin'Ganjiang Pharmacentical Co,.Ltd

Address: Shanghang, North Ji'an City,Jiangxi Province in China.
Contact Person: Ms.Wendy
TEL: 0086-796 8280312
Cell phone: 0086-18279831875
Fax: 0086-796-8280028

API list

Name License number
Ferrous Gluconate H10880010
Zinc Gluconate H20045492
Calcium Gluconate H36021727
Stanozolol H20066179
Dimercaptosuccinic Acid H20067108
Arjinine Hydrochloride H36021635
Cystine H36021640
Trepibutone H36021936
Dimercaptosuccinic Acid H20067108
Glycine H36021624
Cystine H36021640
Calcium Gluconate H20044464
Trepibutone H36021936
Repaglinide H20163343
Stanozolol H20066179
Polylucose H36021630
Isosorbide Dinitrate H36021633
Arjinine Hydrochloride H36021635

Finished Medicines list

Name License number Strength
Metamizole Sodium Tablets H36020544 0.25g
Metamizole Sodium Tablets H36020543 0.5g
Aminophylline Tablets H36020539 0.2g
Paracetamol,Caffein,Atificial Cow-bezoar and chlorphenamine Maleate capsules H36022107 compound
Piracetam Tablets H36020556 0.4g
Piroxicam Tablets H36020569 10mg
Pipemidic Acid Tablets H36020552 0.25g
Pipemidic Acid Tablets H36020553 0.5g
Ibuprofen Capsules H36022298 0.2g
Ibuprofen Tablets H36021459 0.2g
Paracetamol Tablets H36021443 0.1g
Paracetamol Tablets H36021442 0.3g
Fenbufen Tablets H36020555 0.15g
Fenbufen Tablets H36020554 0.3g
Furazolidone Tablets H36020531 0.1g
Furazolidone Tablets H36020587 10mg
Furazolidone Tablets H36020530 30mg
Compound Sulfamethoxazole Tablets H36020541 Sulfamethoxazole 0.4g,Trimethoprim 80mg
Compound Yinqiao and Paracetamol and Chlorphenamine Maleate Capsules H36022108 0.3g
Inositol Nicotinate Tablets H36021460 0.2g