Manufacturer Basic Information

Manufacturer Name Website Contact Information
Shanxi Tongda Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd。 unavailible

Address: No. 57, Xinjian Nanlu, Chengqu, Datong, Shanxi, China
Tel: +86-352-5036999

API list

Name License number
Zinc Gluconate H10880052
Suphatelazine H14022873
Benproperine Phoshate H14022851
Lidocaine Hydrochloride H14022856
Cisaodyi H20064324
Colloidal Bismuth Pectin H20083064
Titanium Dioxide H20153070

Finished Medicines list

Name License number Strength
Cefalexin Capsules H14023225 0.25g
Amoxicillin Capsules H20073001 按C16H19N3O5S计算0.125g
Amoxicillin Capsules H14023222 0.25g(按C16H19N3O5S计)
Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium Tablets H20063684 0.3125g(Amoxicillin 0.25g, clavulanic acid 0.0625g)
Azithromycin Dispersible Table H20093553 0.25g(250000IU)
Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets H14023223 25mg
Aspirin Tablets H14022859 0.3g
Metamizole Sodium Tablets H14022836 0.25g
Paracetamol,Caffein, Atificial Cow-bezoar and Chlorphenamine Maleate Capsules H14023303 compound
Bisacodyl Suppositories H20065455 10mg
Ibuprofen Tablets H14022838 0.1g
Prednisone Acetate Tablets H14022869 5mg
Belladonna Sulfamethoxazole and Trimerhoprim Tablets H14023309 compound(each tablet contains Sulfamethoxazole 0.4g、Trimethoprim 80mg、extractum belladonnae liquidum 8mg)
Paracetamol Tablets H14022849 0.3g
Compound Benzoic Acid Tincture H10910077 10ml
Compound Sulfamethoxazole Tablets H14022839 compound
Compound Saccharated Pepsin Granules H14023410 compound
Compound Vitamin B Tablets H14022850 compound
Gaviscon Tablets H14022860 compound(each tablet contains magnesium trisilicate 0.0125g、Aluminium hydroxide 0.05g、alginic acid 0.25g)
Dried Yeast Tablets H14022840 0.3g