Manufacturer Basic Information

Manufacturer Name Website Contact Information
Guangxi Nanning Best & Wide Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Guangxi Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
Add: Nanning City in Guangxi Zhongyao South Road on the 2nd
Tel: +86-771-3153914

API list

Name License number
Zinc Gluconate H10890033
Hydrotalcite H10960260
Rotundine H45020629
Rotundine Hydrochloride H45020631
Vitamin U H45021073
Aluminium Hydroxide H45020625
Stanozolol H45020627
Vitamin UⅡ H45020999
Nicorandil H45021070
Tetrahydropalmatine H45021077
Furazalon H45021079
Rauwolfia H45021206
Methylbenctyzium Bromide H45021453
Moroxydine Hydrochloride H45021177
Fosfomycin Calcium H45021232
Bromelain H45021406
Stepholidine H45021572

Finished Medicines list

Name License number Strength
Sulfadiazine Tablets H45020057 0.5g
Albendazole Sugar Pills H45021433 0.1g
Aspirin and Dipyridamole Tablets H45021108 ----
Atenolol Tablets H45020538 25mg
Metamizole Sodium Tablets H45020890 0.5g
Metamizole Sodium Injection H45020880 2ml:0.5g
Paracetamol and Aminophenazone Injection H45021173 2ml:Paracetamol 0.2g, Aminophenazone 0.25g
Aminomethylbenzoic Acid Tablets H45021511 0.25g
Aminomethylbenzoic Acid Injection H45020607 10ml:100mg
Proglumide Tablets H45020956 0.2g
Propylthiouracil Tablets H45020223 100mg
Bromelains Enteric-coated Capsules H45021171 40000IU
Ibuprofen Tablets H45020776 0.1g
Dexamethasone Acetate Tablets H45020246 0.75mg
Prednisone Acetate Tablets H45020891 5mg
Rhubarb and Sodium Bicarbonate Tablets H45020712 ----
Domiphen Bromide Buccal Tablets H45021445 0.5mg
Multivitamin Capsules (16) H45020995 ----
Furazolidone Tablets H45020062 100mg
Furazalon Tablets H45021081 0.5mg