Manufacturer Basic Information

Manufacturer Name Website Contact Information
Guilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Guilin Office
Add. : No. 17 Shanghai Rd., Guilin City, Guangxi 541002, China
Tel.: +86 773 355 8031
Fax: +86 773 384 1973

API list

Name License number
Artesunate H10930097
Roxithromycin H10970184
Protionamide H20003326
Calcitonin(Salmon) H20010360
Amodiaquine Hydrochloride H20052099
Cilostazol H20058794
Sulfadoxine H20073995
Pyrimethamine H20073986
Flucloxacillin Sodium H20090054
Artemether H20093312
Lumefantrine H20103815
Dihydroartemisinin H20123182
Ferrous Sulfate H45020219
Lactasin H45020220
Levamisole Hydrochloride H45020221
Mebendazole H45020015
Albendazol H45020216
Bumetanide H45020218
Norfloxacin H45020299
Metronidazole H45020875

Finished Medicines list

Name License number Strength
Artesunate for Injection H10930195 60mg
Roxithromycin Tablets H10970396 0.15g
Citicoline Sodium Injection H19999119 2ml:0.25g
Cefotaxime Sodium for Injection H20033505 calculated based on C16H17N5O7S21.0g
Cefonicid Sodium for Injection H20056582 1.0g(Calculated based onCefonicid)
Bumetanide Injection H20057225 2ml:1mg
Cilostazol Tablets H20058795 50mg
Ceftriaxone Sodium for Injection H20063748 2.0g
Azlocillin Sodium for Injection H20066304 (Calculated based onC20H23N5O6S)1.0g
Azlocillin Sodium for Injection H20066659 (Calculated based onC20H23N5O6S)2.0g
Flucloxacillin Sodium for Injection H20090058 calculated based on C19H17ClFN3O5S0.5g
Cefodizime Sodium for Injection H20103710 calculated based on C20H20N6O7S41.0g
Cefodizime Sodium for Injection H20103711 calculated based on C20H20N6O7S42.0g
Flucloxacillin Sodium for Injection H20103732 calculated based on C19H17ClFN3O5S0.25g
Flucloxacillin Sodium for Injection H20103733 calculated based on C19H17ClFN3O5S1.0g
Artesunate and Amodiaquine Hydrochloride Tablets H20110052 Artesunate100mg, Amodiaquine hydrochloride 270mg(calculated based on Amodiaquine )
Artesunate and Amodiaquine Hydrochloride Tablets H20110053 Artesunate50mg, Amodiaquine hydrochloride 135mg(calculated based on Amodiaquine )
Cefodizime Sodium for Injection H20123145 0.5g(Calculated based on C20H20N6O7S4)
Cefodizime Sodium for Injection H20123149 0.25g(Calculated based onC20H20N6O7S4)
Sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine Tablets H20140090 Sulfadoxine 500mg+Pyrimethamine 25mg