Manufacturer Basic Information

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Zhejiang Holley Nanhu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Address: 340 Yunhai Road, Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China
Post Code: 314033

Wei LI, Mr.
Technical Director
Phone: +86-573-82227827
Fax: +86-573-82227971

API list

Name License number

Finished Medicines list

Name License number Strength
Omeprazole Enteric-coated Tablets H19990160 20mg
Ribavirin Tablets H19999018 50mg
Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium for Suspension H20010010 0.15625g(C16H19N3O5S 0.125g, C8H9NO5 0.03125g)
Cefixime Capsules H20060490 100mg
Omeprazole Enteric-coated Tablets H20067717 10mg
Artesunate Tablets H20083378 50mg
Dihydroartemisinin and Piperaquine Phosphate Tablets H20153107 Dihydroartemisinin 40mg,Piperaquine Phosphate 0.32g
Ibuprofen Tablets H33021000 0.1g
Indometacin Capsules H33021003 25mg
Cefalexin Capsules H33021585 0.125g(Calculated based onC16H17N3O4S)
Cefradine Capsules H33021586 0.25g
Compound Schisandra Syrup H33021792 Compound
Troxerutin Tablets H33022046 60mg
Concentrated Divitamins and Sodium Phosphate Syrup H33022369 Compound
Compound Guaiacol Potassium Sulfonale Oral Solution H33022448 Compound
Kitasamycin Tablets H33022655 100000IU